Ain El Naar (Eye of Fire Set) Black


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Proud to be the first to introduce this product to the UK market, the first of its kind, a silicone bowl and charcoal pan better known as the AIN EL NAAR (EYE OF FIRE) SET. Many have tried to replicate this but this is the original product designed and introduced by Xquisite Smoke.

An unbreakable bowl El Ain made from food grade silicone providing a smooth shisha experience.

Our charcoal tray, El Naar now being referred to as the perfect and most pratical heat managment systems on the market.

The silicone bowl is easy to clean, doesnt ghost the flavour, and above all is virtually unbreakable.

The charcoal pan manages the heat through is unique chimney design and releases any excess smoke trapped inside the bowl thus ensuring a consistent experience, no more foil needed. The gap between the pan and the bowl helps to cook the flavour slowly rather than burning it quickly. Aside from this the ease of changing charcoals during sessions is effortless, just lift the pan from its handles and empty the tray.

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