Xquisite Smoke Unity Bowl – Gloss Black


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A high grade premium hookah bowl, made from 100% pure food grade Ukrainian mined clay.

BOWL STYLE: Modern Phunnel Style reserve 1 Main hole in the centre.

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SKU: xs-unity-bowl-glazed-gloss-black
Category: Miscellaneous, Phunnel Bowls, Shisha Accessories, Shisha Bowls
Full Description

Born from the passion we have for shisha, manufactured with the best quality clay material to offer the most consistent hookah experience, first of its kind in the UK – as always, we are leading the way for high quality shisha products aimed for the true enthusiasts or making life simple and easy for first time shisha buyers.

A perfectly sized inner reserve holding 25-35gsm of flavour depending on how dense you want to pack it. A long and thick leg to ensure that you can handle your bowl even when its hot without burning your fingers. We have taken no short cuts in the production of our new range of bowls and used extra clay to ensure insulation and a solid product.

Whether you choose a traditional foil setup or a heat management device like a Kaloud Lotus, Phoenix or even just a grill or tray, the Unity bowl is perfectly compatible with them all.

This makes our new range of bowls the best all round product for lounges and home smokers.

PLEASE NOTE: As every piece is hand made, product may vary in colour or shape.

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