Blow Glow Shisha Starter


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Compatible with any silicone hose. Don’t worry, the BlowGlow also fits your Shisha as it can be easily connected to any conventional silicone hose. This makes it the perfect companion for any shisha.

Better overview thanks to LED You are not sure when your pipe is smoked? No problem! The LED on the bottom lights up the smoke, so that you always have an overview.

Easy charging via micro USB. Once the BlowGlow is on power, the lower LED lights up in red and the upper green when finished. So you always have the charge in view and never have to smoke without your BlowGlow

PLEASE NOTE: The blow glow comes with its own charging cable, hidden under the red inlay. Also please note; silicone hose and shisha pipe is not included as shown in the images.

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Full Description

PERFECTLY adapted suction power for smoking your shisha. Of course, you can also take the BlowGlow with your friends thanks to its compact design.

RECHARGEABLE thanks to the powerful 2500mAh lithium battery from Samsung. It offers 30 minutes of power and requires a charging time of 3-4 hours.

EXTREMLY fast roughed! The BlowGlow usually takes a maximum of one minute until you have the perfect smoke development. Variations are of course possible depending on the set up.

VERY FLEXIBLE application location, thanks to the wireless power supply via a strong lithium battery from Samsung.

LIGHTEN charcoal by blowing up faster and more evenly. So you save a lot of time.

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