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InstaBlaze Swift-Light Charcoal Box


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Insta-blaze is one of the best instant light hookah charcoal products. They discs ignite with a lighter in around 10 seconds and burn with almost no smoke at all and are virtually odourless. Very clean and very fast to ignite.

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Product Description

Warning: When the charcoal has been ignited, do not touch it with your skin, because it will cause a burn to the body. Never throw away the ash remains in a waste paper basket or dustbin, as this could cause a fire. To avoid any injuries, you should use a pair of hookah coal tongs to hold the charcoal, you must never hold the coal in your hand when igniting or when ignited.

NOTE: In the case that we run out of stock, we may send out an alternative quick light charcoal from a different brand but of the same high quality.

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