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Tom Coco YELLOW Natural Coconut Charcoal 1Kg Box (25mm)


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Tom Coco GELB (Yellow) 25x25x25mm. 1KG box, 72 briquettes.

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Product Description

Natural charcoal made from 100% Coconut Shells.

Tom Coco charcoals are an all natural product made from 100% Coconut Shells. No trees are harmed in the production and Tom Coco charcoal lasts longer than your average shisha charcoal, it will not affect the taste of the Shisha allowing you to sit back, relax and enjoy a fantastic shisha experience.
Pure natural product burns hotter and longer leaves about 80% less ash, making Tom Coco one of the best natural charcoals currently available.

Tom Coco is a premium product designed specifically to enhance your shisha/hookah experience, whilst also keeping conventional barbeque’s in mind.


PLEASE NOTE: To maximise the potential of  Tom Coco we urge you to ensure they are fully lit from all sides until cherry red and a thin layer of ash is formed.

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