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Steamulation X Blow Off Set+ Carbon Black Blue for Pro X II / III


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Steamulation X-Blow Off for the Pro X II / III!

The unique and currently most advanced blow-off system on the market, invented and protected by Steamulation is now also available as a set for the Pro X II!

The X-Blow Off system was developed for the Pro X Mini. The Pro X Mini has a centring system at its base and is pre-equipped for this. The Pro X II does not have this raised centring at the base. Nevertheless, the mounting of the X Blow Off also works perfectly on the Pro X II and allows you 15 different blow offs!

The X-Blow Off adapters can be used for both models. Only the length of the sleeves differs. If you already have an X-Blow Off adapter set, you can also use it on the Pro X II (for this you need a Pro X II sleeve).

This sets the world’s best-selling premium hookah 2021 apart from other products and allows even more features than ever before!

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