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Steamulation Cooling Diffusor Carbon Black


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Steamulation Cooling Diffuser:
The Steamulation Cooling Diffuser is another fascinating innovation from Steamulation and takes smoking to a new level.

The Steamulation Cooling Diffuser combines numerous functions in its compact design that uniquely enhance and optimise shisha enjoyment. The functions are manifold:

– The cooling of the tobacco head by 4 purge valves, blow-out quantity and response behaviour are adjustable here.
– 10-fold length-adjustable immersion tube.
– Diffuser with 16 air nozzles and self-cleaning effect.
– Diffuser valve that prevents the water column from rising in the immersion tube.
– Integrated molasses trap, container body made of real carbon.
The Steamulation Cooling Diffuser is compatible with all current Steamulation models.

Including: Steamulation Superior, Pro X II (2021), Pro X (2020), Prime Pro X, Pro X Mini, Classic & Prime.

Excludes: Steamulation Pro model from 2019

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