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Steamulation Pro X Prime (Gen II) – Black Matt


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Steamulation High-Flow system for 25% optimized airflow.⁠

The Most advanced Airflow Control System ever.⁠

9-Step adjustable dib tube with and without diffuser.⁠

20 different Blow Offs possible.⁠

The most innovative closure system in the world.⁠

Even the sound while smoking is amazing!⁠

Already compatible with the future Steamulation technology of 2022!⁠

⁠The absolute flagship of mono-hose shishas! ⁠

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The Steamulation Pro X Prime (Gen II.) is here!

The new flagship of the single-hose shishas!⁠

Steamulation High-Flow System:

The new Steamulation Pro X Prime now features an even stronger maximum draw (+~25% over the first generation).⁠

Steamulation Advanced AirFlow Control:

The Pro X Prime allows you to adjust the draft from traditional to super light. The design has been adapted so that moisture is directed directly back into the base!⁠

Steamulation Dip Tube Control:

Like the large Pro X, the Dip Tube Control has now been installed. The dip tube is adjustable in 9 steps to individualize the suit. Here, the dip tube can be reversed so that can be smoked with diffuser and without diffuser.⁠

Steamulation Sound:

New is also the characteristic bassy Steamulation Sound which is generated by the new dip tube!⁠

Steamulation X Blow Off:

15 different blow offs adjustable during smoking.⁠

Steamulation Cooling Diffuser:

Fully automatic heat regulation/cooling of your Pro X Prime!

Ready for the future 2022!

The Steamulation Pro X Prime (Gen.II) is already fit for the future!

Steamulation is constantly developing new innovations and places a high value on compatibility. The Pro X Prime (Gen.II) is designed to be compatible with additional Steamulation technology and accessories that will be released in 2022. So, you can upgrade your Pro X Prime later on and add even more features!

All bowls are made of the finest crystal glass. The coloured bowls are delivered with a viewing window on which the Steamulation logo is placed. This is typical for Steamulation and unique on the market. Through this you can always see the perfect water level.


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