Steamulation Classic Platinum White


The Steamulation Classic Platinum White pure like fresh snow and functional like the finest clockwork.

To further underline the high quality of Steamulation hookah’s, all of the metal pieces are manufactured in one of our two manufacturers based in Germany.

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Full Description

Snow-like purity – the Steamulation Classic Platinum White

Let yourself experience a pure new world with the Steamulation Classic Platinum White. The snow-white bowl drives our Shisha’s elegance to a whole new level. Yet, the opalescent features of the bowl offer an individual variety. With this product, too, our focus was to balance beauty and functionality, which is why you will find all of our functional features here as well: the SteamClick 360, the Advanced Chamber System and the Perfect Airflow Technology. Connect upto 4 Hoses.

The Steamulation Classic Platinum White is completed with our logo, consisting of pure platinum, placed centrally on the bowl. It represents our company, in which we not only guarantee highest quality in our materials, but also in beauty and manufacturing.

Enjoy pure pleasure smoking the Steamulation Classic Platinum White!


Optionally you can attach a molasses catcher on top of the 18,8 Connector of the smoke column.


Your order contains:

  • Shisha Classic Platinum White
    • Colour: Platinum White
    • Height: 52 cm
    • Glass bowl Diameter: 24 cm
    • Weight: 4.8 kg
  • V2A Hose adaptor
  • Diffusor


Every water pipe has its own serial number.

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