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Steamulation Prime


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The Steamulation Prime Hookah‘s represents the perfect fusion between a compact size and a pure smoking experience!

While it stays true to the classic Steamulation design it still contains all of our features with its compact size.

The V2A Stainless Steel parts are manufactured with the highest precision to fully maintain the expectations and demands for all our customers.

Height: 45cm (17.7 inch)

NOTE: Does not come with a bowl/head, hose or mouthpiece – these will need to be purchased separately. You may choose from ‘You may also like’ suggestions below. However, the hose adaptor is included.

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Product Description

The Steamulation Prime impresses with its handy elegance.

It combines the subtle and aesthetic design, that our products are known for in a noble and compact look.

Even though its smaller size the Steamulation Prime supports the fastest connection system in the world, the SteamClick 360, as well as the integrated valve technology of the Advanced Closed Chamber System.

An adjustable diffuser is already integrated into the dip tube.

On top of that we added an 18.8 Connector at the upper part of the smoke column.

That’s how we ensure you that the Steamulation Prime is no inferior to our other products.

Its elegant design, its compact size and its high quality make sure that this hookah does not leave anything to be desired!

Your order contains:

  • Shisha
  • Glass Vase
  • V2A Hose adaptor
  • Diffusor
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