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Steamulation® ULTIMATE The ultimate creation – Steamulation® ULTIMATE! The new climax in the evolution of Steamulation® Shishas.
Whether AirFlow Control, Advanced Diffuser or Purge Pro – all well-known Steamulation® innovations of the last 7 years are included! The new, ultimate four-hose shisha combines not only known features: With two more unique world premieres, they have now created their ultimate masterpiece – the Steamulation® ULTIMATE.
DUAL CONNECTION SYSTEM! For the first time, the two most modern closure technologies for hookahs, SteamClick 360° and Xpansion have been combined! Use your shisha more flexibly and individually than ever before – without any adapters!
MOON GRAVITY! The perfect draft for all users of your four-hose hookah is achieved! Through a fluidically optimized design, this technology reduces the weight force of the valve balls by 83%, creating physical conditions like those on the moon! The result? Ultimate draught and a one hosesmoke experience!

Compatible Upgrades
• X Blow off +
• Cooling Control
• Cooling Diffusor
• Sleeves & X Blow Off Sets

Scope of delivery – 1 ULTIMATE Shisha | 1 Hose Adapter

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Moon Gravity (NEW!)
Moon Gravity technology has ultimately perfected the 4-hose draw.
The difference in smoking behavior between 1-hose and 4-hose models has so far arisen mainly due
to the need for check valve balls. Heavy balls made of ceramic, steel or glass provide a better seal,
but due to the weight also a higher resistance, which makes the flow more difficult.
Moon Gravity technology removes the balls from the flow channel and compensates for much of
their weight through a fluidic trick.
This reduces the weight of the ball by 83%, creating physical conditions like those found on the
moon! In this way, we have managed to improve the draught in the base by a total of 50% without
reducing the airtightness.
Moon Gravity – for your weightless smoking experience!
Dual Connection System (NEW!)
For the first time, the two patented and most advanced closure technologies in the world have been
combined – the integration of SteamClick AND Xpansion allows you to use your hookah more flexibly
than ever before – without any adapters at all.
SteamClick – the most practical click lock in the world. It is characterized by maximum stability and
speed. Open and close it with a single, simple hand move in a split second.
Xpansion – the most flexible closure for plug-in shishas ever invented.
In ordinary plug-in shishas, the base and bowl are often connected with a gasket either very tightly or
too loosely. Since each bowl is slightly different, the base and bowl almost never fit together
perfectly! Thanks to Steamulation Xpansion technology, you will no longer face this problem! With a
simple twist, the closure fits each glass perfectly!
The combination of the two? The ultimate connection!
Purge Pro
The Steamulation Ultimate features the world’s most advanced blowout system for multi-tube
shishas. The unique Steamulation Purge Pro valves allow anyone you want to smoke with to easily
blow out the bowl without having to remove valve balls.
The valves on all four smoke ports work automatically in both directions (smoke & blow out). The
intelligent system can even compensate for overpressure in the shisha and use the free hose
connections for blow off if necessary.
Together with Moon Gravity, Purge Pro provides the ultimate four-hose smoking experience!
Cooling Control Compatibility
Adjust the cooling of your hookah conveniently while smoking!
The optional Cooling Control Adapter channels a part of the exhaust air back into the upper smoke
column to the tobacco head. This allows the tobacco head to be cooled in a controlled manner. The
amount of air is adjustable and can be switched off or left activated permanently. The Cooling
Control Adapter is simply inserted between the base and the smoke column and can be combined
with all X Blow Offs and sleeves.
Note: When the Cooling System is inserted, the blow-off pressure increases slightly. This causes the
overpressure function to respond earlier. If this is not desired, the overpressure function can be
deactivated by closing the unused hose connections with AirFlow-Control.
Cooling Diffusor Compatibility
The Steamulation Ultimate is compatible with the optional Cooling Diffuser. In its compact design, it
combines numerous functions that increase and optimize your shisha experience in a unique way.
You can use these various functions with the Cooling Diffuser: The cooling of the tobacco head by 4
purge valves [blow-out quantity and response adjustable] a 10-fold length-adjustable dip tube, a
diffuser with 16 air vents and self-cleaning effect, a diffuser valve that prevents the rise of the water
column in the dip tube, an integrated molasse catcher and a body made of real carbon.
X Blow Off + Compatibility
You can also use the well-known X-Blow Off + on your Steamulation Ultimate. By turning the Blow
Off plate below the coal plate, the plate Blow Off can be activated and deactivated. With the well known X Blow Off you have 31 different Blow Off possibilities. Choose your favourite!
AirFlow Control
AirFlow Control including overpressure control!
For your perfect smoking experience. Each hose connector can be adjusted individually to ensure the
optimal draft for each user.
Dip Tube Control
Thanks to Dip Tube Control, you can easily adjust the dip tube of your Steamulation Ultimate in 10
steps to suit bowls of different sizes and the optimum water level.
Advanced Diffusor
Exclusively from Steamulation.
The Advanced Diffusor is inspired by the well-known Steamulation Cooling Diffusor. A floating ball in
the diffusor prevents the water column from rising and oscillating in the dip tube. This complements
the overpressure function, as flooding of the hookah becomes impossible. Thus, the overall smoking
behavior is optimized. When pulling you immediately feel a pleasant draft and pull, since water does
not have to be displaced from the dip tube first.

Your order contains:

1x Steamulation ULTIMATE Shisha (Stem & Glass Vase)
1x V2A hose adapter (18.8)

1x Removable diffuser
Unique serial number

Technical data:

Size: approx. 28 cm
Weight: approx. 3.37kg
Diameter vase: approx. 20 cm

Remember Optionally available:

Mouthpieces / Silicone hose / Adaptors / Blow Off Sets / Cooling Control / Cooling Diffuser

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