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Venoz V1 – Black Velvet


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Proudly introducing the Venoz Hookah collection by Venookah exclusive to Xquisite Smoke (UK).

Handmade stainless steel column, hand turned, polished with hand blown glass vase finished to perfection. Not to mention the value for money within this category for Shishas.

Extremely proud to house this beautiful collection., rapidly becoming our favourites hookahs.

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Product Description

All elements of the Venoz V1 are 100% handmade! Every Venoz is unique!

Column: Our column is made of the best stainless steel and features typical Venoz cuts! It is hand turned and hand polished.

Bowl: Consisting of the finest crystal glass! To get the individual neck for the base in such a way that the base works flush with the glass, an enormous effort and the finest precision is necessary, which is why it is mouth-blown and hand-turned.

Plate: We use the best high-gloss stainless steel with a Venoz stamp. It is very robust and has an 18/8 cut for the perfect hold!

Connection: The Venoz V1 offers the possibility to connect another hose, so that two people can smoke at the same time.

18/8 cut: Of course, our plate adapters and smoke column adapters have an 18/8 cut for a better and carefree hold!

Included in the set:
Plate, plate defender, column, 2x hose adapter, glass vase, mouthpiece, diffuser, silicone hose

The Venoz V1 should not be carried by the smoke column, but at the bowl, in daily use, especially when it is filled or unfilled. Please note that this warning must be strictly observed because glass and stainless steel are bonded components. Glass breakage / damage due to improper use is not included in the guarantee.

If you smoke with the diffuser, we recommend adding about 0.7 liters of water to the bowl.
If you smoke without a diffuser, we recommend adding approx. 0.9 liters of water to the bowl.

Height of the Venoz V1: ca. 57cm
Height of the Venoz V1 Bowl: ca. 24cm

The new Venoz V1 now also offers full smoking pleasure for up to 2 people; adaptor and hose will be required (order separately)

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