Black Hole – 30g / 125g (Ice Mint)


Mint is a classic flavour but tightens like a black hole.

Space Smoke is a unique mineral-based tobacco-free hookah mix.

Space Smoke Basic – 30g – TOBACCO FREE

Best Selling Hookah paste in Russia.

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Introducing Space Smoke Hookah Paste

If you like a fresh feeling hookah flavour, use the “Black Hole”. Ice cold hookah lovers can try the wild mint freshness. Perfect for mixing with other flavours.

Up to 2 hour sessions with just 10-15g of paste.

Produces thick clouds

It takes about 15 sec to make a tasty hookah using Space Smoke paste before warming up the bowl. (Hygienic & Convenient tube packaging)

Space smoke paste is universal. It can be used in a pure form as an independent product, or mix it with tradition shisha flavour/tobacco.

You can ‘pause’ your smoking and come back later to resume with fresh charcoal

Space Smoke is best used with a phunnel style bowl due to its paste form, we would also highly recommend that you use this with a heat management device such as a Kaloud Lotus or similar.

How to Use:

Shake the tube thoroughly
Pour 10g-15g of flavour directly into the phunnel bowl making sure there is 2-3mm gap at the top
Place heat management device on top ensuring it does not touch the paste.
Light up 3-4 charcoal pieces and place on top
Allow 10-15 minutes for the flavours to heat up
Enjoy your smoke!

Please Note: This product contains NO TOBACCO but DOES CONTAIN NICOTINE. If you prefer non-nicotine-based flavours then please look at the Space Smoke Zero Line Range

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